Advertisement Sales – Standard Terms of Business


All advertisements on the website’ must be paid in advance. Advertising is payable on an annual basis and the advertising year starts on 1st July. Payments for advertisements commencing during the year will be charged, in advance, at the monthly rate until the following 1st July when the advertiser will be invited to continue on a yearly basis.


All proposed content for an advertisement on a micropage (text, photographs and artwork) must be submitted by the advertiser, preferably by email, together with an indication of the preferred layout on the website page. In total, a single advertisement should be able to be displayed in a space equivalent to an A4 page or less. Advertisers will be shown a final version of their advertisement before publication and must confirm that they are content, in writing or by email, prior to first insertion.


The website reserves the right to refuse, alter or cancel any advertisement, link to an advertiser's website or free listing, at any time and without notice; also to refuse to publish any copy, artwork or reproductions of which they may not reasonably approve.


Advertisements will be displayed on the website as soon as practicable (normally within one week) after receipt of the advertising fee and of final approval of the content and layout from the advertiser. In the event of any delay in publication which results in overpayment, a financial adjustment will be made.


It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that all advertisements conform to current relevant legislation and codes of practice.


The placing of an order will be deemed an acceptance of these terms which shall prevail over any terms or conditions of the advertiser, whether written or by email or oral and which may accompany an advertiser’s order. If, subsequent to any order which is subject to these terms, an order is made with the same advertiser without reference to any terms of business, such contract howsoever made shall be deemed to be subject to these terms.

Cancellations or alterations

Advertisements may be cancelled in writing or by email. Refunds will not be given. Minor alterations to advertisements (eg changes in telephone number) may be requested at any time in writing or by email and will be implemented without charge. Major changes during the advertising period will be subject to an additional fee which will depend on the degree of change involved but will not exceed half of the advertising fee for the remaining portion of the advertising year.

Privacy notice for Advertisers

The website will use your information for administrative and customer purposes only.