Contact and Advertising Details

General Feedback

We welcome comments and suggestions on any aspect of this website. Please email us at: .

Parish Council Enquiries

The email address for Ms Chantal Brooks, the Clerk to the Parish Council, is . Further contact details are given on the Councillors' page of the website.

Non-Commercial Listings

If you are non-commercial club or organisation and would like a listing on this site, email us at the address below. Clubs and organisations within the Brenchley Parish boundary are entitled to a free page listing. Organisations outside the parish but with some relevance to the content of this website may have a free link to their own website.
Please email us at: .


Advertisers must accept the standard terms of business of the website for advertisement sales.

Businesses and Services Resident in the Parish
All businesses and commercial services resident in the Parish are welcome to apply for a free listing on this website. The listing comprises an entry under the appropriate category of the Shops and Businesses, Pubs and Restaurants or Places to Stay sections, together with an entry in the A-Z listing. It consists of name, telephone number/email address and type of business. The address may also be listed where this is important to the business (eg for shops and pubs). Additional advertising is available and charged at the non-resident rates below.

Advertisers in Roundabout Magazine
Advertisers in Roundabout (whether resident in the parish or not) are given a free listing, in the same format as set out above, in the appropriate category of the website. Additional advertising is available and will be charged at the non-resident rates below, which include a concessionary micro-site rate for Roundabout advertisers.

Businesses and Services Not Resident in the Parish
Businesses not resident in the Parish may apply to advertise on this website at the following rates:

Basic listing in the Shops and Businesses, Pubs and Restaurants or Places to Stay sections and A-Z listing: £15 per annum, (£1.50 per month).

Basic listing plus link to the advertiser's website: £25 per annum, (£2.10 per month).

Link to the advertiser's website for businesses resident in the Parish or Roundabout advertisers: £15 per annum (£1.50 per month).

Basic Listing plus a link to a full micropage on the site: £40 per annum (£4 per month). Special discounted rate to existing advertisers in Roundabout magazine £25 per annum, (£2.50 per month).

A micropage will be uploaded from text, graphics or photographs supplied by the advertiser.All such material must be provided in a format which is suitable for upload to the website and should not exceed the equivalent of an A4 page. The webmaster will be happy to provide advice to advertisers.

Advertising Period
Advertising is payable at an annual rate. For advertisers linked to Roundabout magazine, the advertising year starts on 1st July and payments for advertisements commencing during the year will be charged on a pro rata basis until the following 1st July. For all other advertisers, advertisements will run for one year from the first day of the month following receipt of the advertising fee.

If you wish to advertise on this website please email: