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All significant updates to the site in the last few months will be referenced here so you can easily see what changes have been made since your last visit


26/06/17 ~ Brenchley Parish Council has approved a policy statement on planning and development within the Parish.
~ An update on ongoing Parish Council Works
23/06/17 The Council has completed its Annual Financial Return for 2016/17 and has submited it for the required audit. Any local resident who wishes to inspect the documents relating to the return and audit may do so on application to the Parish Clerk
18/06/17 Matfield Village Fete will take place on Saturday 15th July
11/06/17 Brenchley Parish Council has submitted its comments on the Borough Council's consultation material on the preparation of the new Local Plan
11/06/17 Parish Council Minutes published for the planning meeting in May
09/06/17 Diary page updated for June and July events
06/06/17 News items added:
~ Government consultation on south eastern rail services
~ Forthcoming events at Goudhurst and District U3A
04/06/17 News items added:
~ Councillor responsibilities updated to reflect decisions at the Council AGM on 8 May
~ A report has been published on the Annual Parish Meeting held on 17 May
04/06/17 Parish Council Minutes published for Council meetings in April and May 2017
02/05/17 News item added:
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has started the prcess of consultation on development of the new Local Plan
11/04/17 News items added:
~Brenchley Parish Council has announced the appontment of a new Parish Clerk
~ Parish Council Report for March
10/04/17 News items added:
~ A new Wome in Rural Enterprise (WiRE) networking group will start meeting in Matfield n May
04/04/17 News item added: Matfield's InnStore closed down at the end of March
21/03/17 News item added: Tunbridge Wells Borough Council have announced that they will no longer be notifying neighbours about planning applications
21/03/17 Brenchley and Matfield Local History Society page updated with programme for 2017
20/03/17 News item added: A report on the results of the Parish Plan Survey has now been published in advance of the Public Meeting on 25 March.
01/03/17 News items added:
~Publication of St Luke's Newsletter for March 2017