Parish Councillors

Council Elections

Parish Council elections were held on 5 May 2016 for all nine seats on the Council. Prior to the election, Mike Mackenzie retired as PC Chairman in March (after 14 years in office) and was succeeded by Chris Woodley. Four existing councillors stood down at the election: Mike Mackenzie, Peter Randall, Brian Stanley and Nigel Woodward.

The remaining councillors (Tony de Guingand, Mrs Niccy Marriott, Ian McEwen, Mrs Georgie Warner and Chris Woodley) stood for re-election. Seven other candidates put their names forward. The existing councillors were all re-elected and were joined on the new Council by Duncan Batty, Mrs Lynne Butler, Jon Grant and Robin Wickham. The new Council will serve a four year term until May 2020.

In February 2017, Ian McEwen resigned from the Council. Martin Powell also resigned as Clerk, after ten years in the post and was replaced, in May 2017, by Ms Chantal Brooks. At the Annual Parish Council Meeting on 8 May 2017, Chris Woodley was re-elected as Council Chairman, Robin Wickham was re-elected as Vice-Chairman and Kevin Sparkhall was co-opted as a new councillor to fill the vacancy. In March 2018, Mrs Niccy Marriott stood down from the Council.

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests are interests that directly affect the financial position of councillors or their spouse/partner. Such an interest exists if Council business could affect the employment, employers, businesses, contracts, shares, land or property (owned or rented) of a councillor or his spouse/partner. All such interests must be declared and are then published.

The disclosable pecuniary interests of Brenchley Parish Councillors are maintained by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and can be viewed on the relevant TWBC webpage at:

Councillor Responsibilities

The current responsibilities (in May 2017) of individual councillors are shown below. Where councillors have provided additional personal and contact details, you may click on their names to see this information.

Councillor Responsibilities
Christopher Woodley
Council Chairman; Finance Chair; Management Group;Policy Group; KALC; Great War Centenary Commemoration
Robin Wickham
Council Vice-Chairman; Finance Committee; Management Group; KALC; Brenchley Task Force; Matfield Task Force; Tree Warden
Duncan Batty Finance Committee; Parish Plam; Brenchley Task Force
Mrs Lynne Butler Policy Group; Parish Plan; Rights of Way & Countryside Issues
Tony de Guingand
Finance Committee; Matfield Pavilion Management Committee; Management Group; Cinderhill Wood; Teise Catchment Improvement Group
Jon Grant
Policy Group; Great War Centenary Commemoration; Brenchley Memorial Hall; Kent Highways; Rights of Way & Countryside Issues
Kevin Sparkhall Policy Group; Parish and Neighbourhood planning
Mrs Georgie Warner Planning Committee; Police

* The Finance Sub-Committee consists of Cllrs Woodley (Chair), de Guingand, Wickham and Batty.
* The Planning Sub-Committee consists of Cllr Mrs Warner, plus two other councillors (on a rotational basis).
* Cllr Wickham will deputise for Cllr Woodley in representing the parish on the Kent Association of Local Councils (KALC).
* It is intended that the Brenchley & Matfield Task Forces will have primary responsibility for the War Memorials, shops, services (including public lavatories) and Christmas lights in both villages. The Brenchley Task Force will also take responsibility for the Jack Verrall Memorial Garden, the Brenchley Oak, Porter's Wood and the Millenium Seat. The Matfield Task Force will look after The Green, including the pond, chain fencing and parking.
* The Parish Website is run by former councillor Ian McEwen who can be contacted, on website matters, by email at .

Parish Clerk

The Clerk to the Council is Ms Chantal Brooks whose contact details are as follows:

Matfield Pavilion
The Green
TN12 7JU

Telephone: 01892 723586