Local Plan Update

Borough Council Local Plan - Call for Sites

Local Residents will be aware that Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (TWBC)has started work on the preparation of a new Local Plan, which will guide future development in our borough up to the year 2033.

As part of this work, TWBC has run two 'Calls for Sites’ - one last autumn and the other this spring. The Council invited landowners, developers and individuals to submit details of sites they wished to be considered for housing and economic development uses within Tunbridge Wells borough. All sites submitted under both Calls for Sites will be assessed for their suitability for development under a process known as a Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA).

In response to enquiries raised by Brenchley Parish Council on the new 'Call for Sites', the Council has received the following reply from Kelvin Hinton, Planning Policy Manager:

"There is no separate consultation process on the call for sites element of local plan preparation. It should be remembered that just because a site has been promoted it does not mean that it will be considered acceptable and stated as such in the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment when this is complete. Furthermore even if stated as acceptable within the SHELAA it does not mean a specific site will be allocated in the draft Local Plan which is due to be consulted on next year. In other words many of the sites will not complete the process and be allocated.

At present a significant amount of our resources are focused on the analysis of representations to the Issues and Options consultation and until this is complete and documented we will not be in a position to know for certain what form the next stage of the draft Local Plan will take."

The locations of all of the sites submitted as a result of both Calls for Sites can be found on this interactive map . Further details are available on the TWBC new Local Plan web page.

Update on 18/08/17

The Parish Council has now produced an Information Sheet in order to provide residents with as much information as possible and address some of the many queries and concerns that are being raised concerning the TWBC Local Plan and Call for Sites. This Information Sheet should be read in conjunction with the Council's own planning and development policy "Shaping the Future" which provides clarity on the PC's position."

Update on 10/09/17

The September issue of Roundabout magazine included an article on the call for sites which provides a summary of the position. This is attached here . (You may need to zoom in on the page to see the details.)