Ongoing Parish Council Work


Ongoing PC Works
September 2017

Dear Residents,

In order to provide up to date information on the various projects the Parish Council is working on, I shall be sending round this brief report monthly, in the two weeks between PC meetings. Further updates can be obtained via the Parish Council Minutes available on the website.

Whilst not all projects will have new information each time (depending on whether progress has been made) I hope this will serve to give you a better idea of how tasks are progressing.

Kind regards,

Chantal Brooks
Brenchley Parish Council

Matfield Pond
Contractors have provided guidance on the removal of the mudbank revealed when the foliage was cut back. Costs are being obtained to ensure the long term benefit of the pond.

Drying Ground - Tree
A new Sorbus Torminalis (Chequers tree or Wild Service tree) is being planted on higher ground, the commemorative plaque will be moved.

Refurb of playing equipment/bark/weeds
7 cubic metres of Playbark were spread in August and parts have been ordered for the small repairs needed to the equipment.

Jack Verrall Memorial Garden Gates
The ironmongery for the gates is being attended to so that the new gates can be fitted.

Matfield Pavilion
An initial deep clean has been carried out with regular cleaning arranged. Small repairs are being attended to.

Matfield Green
KCC have been asked to provide a further speed limit sign on the road circling the Green.

Noticeboards in Matfield
The re-positioning of the Parish Noticeboard in Matfield is being considered with quotes being obtained for a new covered board.

Postbox in Matfield
The existing postbox remains in use for the time being with a new site having been identified close by. The PC is taking this forwards with Royal Mail as a matter of urgency.

Petteridge Phonebox Library
Work has started on the refurbishment of the Phonebox which the Parish Council was happy to fund.