Ongoing Parish Council Work


Ongoing PC Works
October 2018

Dear Residents,

In order to provide up to date information on the various projects the Parish Council is working on, I shall be sending round this brief report monthly, in the two weeks between PC meetings. Further updates can be obtained via the Parish Council Minutes available on the website.

Whilst not all projects will have new information each time (depending on whether progress has been made) I hope this will serve to give you a better idea of how tasks are progressing.

Kind regards,

Chantal Brooks
Brenchley Parish Council
01892 723586

Matfield Pond
Quotes are being obtianted for a clearup around the banks of the pond, particularly the edge by the Avenue and the brambles and trees behind the beacon.

Matfield Green
The parking area has been relaid, it now extends to 70m. A small area of missing tarmac on the private road will be filled in.

Brenchley Recreation Ground
The hedges have been cut back around the perimeter.

A leaning streetlight is being repaired in Oakfield Road.

The pile of rubbish, including a plastic bath!, has been removed.

Both flagpoles have been cleaned, and serviced and new Union Flags raised.

The lime trees in the Avenue are being pollarded.

Priority work on trees on Matfield Green (2 Oaks and a Sycamore) have been completed.

Christmas Lights
More lights have been ordered… you can never have too many lights!