Ongoing Parish Council Work


Ongoing PC Works
August 2017

Dear Residents,

In order to provide up to date information on the various projects the Parish Council is working on, I shall be sending round this brief report monthly, in the two weeks between PC meetings. Further updates can be obtained via the Parish Council Minutes available on the website.

Whilst not all projects will have new information each time (depending on whether progress has been made) I hope this will serve to give you a better idea of how tasks are progressing.

Kind regards,

Chantal Brooks
Brenchley Parish Council

Update on 28 August:
Brenchley Playground

The Parish Council has given the play area at the Recreation Ground in Brenchley a fresh layer of playbark, just in time for the new school term. A thick layer of bark has been spread around the most needy areas, the swings, rockers, slide and climbing frame, with some small repairs also in hand. We hope everyone enjoys the refreshed playground and that the weather encourages children to get active!. (Thanks are given to David Izzard and Jon Grant for their sterling efforts to help spread the bark in the heat.)

Matfield Pond
The bogbean and lilies have been treated with herbicide and some of the foliage removed. More work is being done to remove the mud bank and remaining roots.

Viewpoint Indicator
The spectacular new Viewpoint Indicator, created by Livingstone Foundry, is now ready and will be placed on site on August 18th, well worth a trip to see it.

Drying Ground - Tree
The dead tree has now been removed. The siting of a replacement tree - a Sorbus Torminalis (Chequers tree or Wild Service tree) is being considered to ensure it does not suffer from flooding.

Refurb of playing equipment/bark/weeds
Thistles and weeds have been removed and a thicker layer of PlayBark is being laid at the end of August. Other small improvements to the equipment, identified in the recent inspection, are being attended to.

Gardener for JVMG
A clear-up of the gardens has taken place, with the front hedge trimmed, paths cleared and mature shrubs cut back. David Izzard has done a magnificent job and the gardens are available to everyone to enjoy.

Jack Verrall Memorial Garden Gates
The impressive new gates are now ready and will be fitted before the end of August.

Post Office
There are continuing discussions regarding possible venues for relocating the Post Office in Matfield.

Empty bin at Brenchley Recreation Ground
An interim agreement has been put in place for TWBC to empty this bin regularly.

Public Convenience in Matfield
TWBC have confirmed that they will be clearing guttering and attending to the moss on the roof. TWBC will also be cutting back the trees that overhang.