Parish Council Chairman

Chris Woodley
Mike Mackenzie


PC Chairman


Mike Mackenzie has chaired Brenchley Parish Council for 14 years and has now decided to stand down. He will also be standing down from the Council when the current Council term comes to an end in May.

At the Parish Council meeting on 7th March, he proposed Cllr Chris Woodley as his successor and Chris was duly elected.

Chris has served on the Council since 2010 and will be standing for re-election to the Parish Council at the elections on 7th May. Further information about him can be found at .

Statements from both the retiring and new Chairman can be found below.

Following the PC meeting, Cllr Mackenzie said:

It has been an honor to have been part of a very effective team of councillors for such a long time and I have been flattered to have been chosen as Chairman for much of my time there. I have thoroughly enjoyed my job and am proud of what the Council has achieved during my tenure.

I wish the new chairman Chris Woodley, the remaining councillors, and of course the soon to be, newly elected members, every good fortune as they continue with the job of keeping the Parish of Brenchley such a lovely place to live. I would particularly like to thank those other outgoing councillors, Peter Randall and Brian Stanley who have also given many years of service and commitment to our community.

I shall miss you, and all of them. It will be odd, not to hear the words, "morning Mr Mayor" - any more!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement over the years.

After his election, Cllr Woodley said:

It is a great honour to be Chairman of Brenchley Parish Council. I am delighted to have been chosen by my peers to serve in such an important position in the community. Since 1894 there have been many residents that have committed their time, energy and passion to fostering and championing the well-being of the parish; I hope to be able to emulate their example.

During my time in office, if I am re-elected in May, I shall be a visible, enthusiastic and dedicated advocate for all that is great about Brenchley and Matfield. My passion will be to make a significant contribution to maintaining the vibrancy of our community by working with, and alongside, others that have at heart the best interests of the parish.

In particular, I shall be a tireless champion for the Brenchley and Matfield Parish Plan, which I regard as a great opportunity for the whole community to come together to influence the future development of the parish. The key to success in this venture will be striking a balance between valuing and mobilizing our inheritance as a source of pride and resilience, and creating a legacy for the benefit of future generations.

At this time of change and transition I shall make sure that the council continues to operate as an effective and efficient organization, carrying out its role as the first-tier of local government for Brenchley and Matfield. That will include maintaining the excellent relations we have with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and Kent County Council, and working alongside the other elected representatives for our area, to speak up for the interests of residents, local organizations and businesses. I shall also seek to strengthen our contacts with other public agencies such as Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service and the National Health Service.

In addition to looking-after the council’s assets, and maintaining to a high standard the facilities for which it is responsible, I shall encourage the council to fully-engage with local organizations, projects and initiatives that are at the heart of community life in the parish. I believe that within the community the council should take a lead where that is expected; provide a helping hand where appropriate; and act as a partner alongside the other forces for public good in our villages and hamlets.

I have a strong belief in the principle of “service above self” and will encourage fellow-councillors, and others with positions of responsibility in the parish, to continue working in the interests of the whole community.