Parish Council Report - March


Parish Council Report - March



Casual Vacancy for Parish Councillor
Following the resignation of Ian McEwen, who has made an outstanding and invaluable contribution to the work of the council over the past nine years, a vacancy has arisen on the Parish Council.

A public notice will be posted shortly on the parish notice boards. An election can be called by a request made in writing to the District Council’s Proper Officer by 10 electors from the parish within 14 working days of the date of the notice. If an election is called it must be held within 60 days of the notice.

If no request to call an election is received the Parish Council is allowed to co-opt someone into the vacant seat.

Recruitment of a new Parish Clerk
A number of applications have been received for the position of Parish Clerk and the Parish Council has prepared a short list of suitable candidates. Interviewing will take place at the end of March.

Second Call for Sites
The first ‘Call for Sites’ ran from 9th February to 18th September 2016, providing an early opportunity to put forward potential development sites to the Council for consideration in the new Local Plan.

TWBC will be running a second Call for Sites from 2nd May to 12th June 2017 and further details will be posted on the TWBC website from 2nd May.

Issues and Options Document
TWBC will soon be consulting on an Issues and Options document, which sets out its initial thoughts on what the new Local Plan should contain and the issues it should address. The consultation period will run from 2nd May to 12th June 2017 and TWBC will welcome the views of all residents.

Public exhibitions will be held during May and further information will be available on TWBC and parish websites.

Planning notification
The discontinuation of notices by post to properties adjoining those submitting planning applications is due to come into effect on 1st April. Notices will still be posted around the property and in the local newspaper. Residents can also sign up for email notification of planning applications on the TWBC website.

Amenity Vehicle Collections
The changes in the operation of the Sunday Amenity Vehicle has led to a significant reduction in the total waste collected. All garden waste is being sent for composting, rather than to landfill. TWBC has reported the changes in the amenity service have not resulted in an increase in reported fly-tipping.

Annual Parish Meeting
The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in Brenchley Memorial Hall on Wednesday 17th May at 7.30pm for 8.00pm. Guests will include Kelvin Hinton of TWBC, who will talk about the Local Plan. Come along and chat over wine and nibbles.

It in spite of the best efforts of the Knight family, the Inn-Store in Matfield will be closing its doors at the end of March. Matfield residents Simon Galwey and Ronald Niblett have been investigating alternative possibilities for maintaining Post Office services and access to provisions in the village. The Parish Council is planning a Public Meeting in April to listen to the views of the community.

Litter Bins
The Parish Council is investigating replacing existing litter bins with lidded bins. Litter was one of the major issues highlighted in the Parish Plan Survey and the Council is also considering additional bins in problem areas.