Water Run-off at Kippings Cross

The Parish Council has received the following message from Kent County Council:

"I am writing to provide you with an update in regard to the water showing on the carriageway at Kippings Cross roundabout/Maidstone Road. Currently, I believe there are two separate issues to be addressed: 1. (My current priority) blocked gullies preventing water being contained to the drainage system and therefore flowing down the road towards Matfield and 2. Water emanating from the verge/road close to the roundabout.

Whilst I appreciate the urgency for a resolution, I have been restricted by our contractor requirements and resource and KCC Streetworks permitting the work to be carried out. This week I have managed to co-ordinate an emergency road closure for this coming Sunday 10th December 2017 to carry out a CCTV survey and cleansing of the drainage system within the road. I believe that this work should resolve the problem of water flowing towards Matfield from the gullies in the vicinity of Bassetts Cottage.

Unfortunately due to only being permitted a 1 day road closure, I will not be able to resolve the second issue of water showing near the roundabout this weekend. It is likely that I will need to close the road again in the new year to excavate and ascertain the source of the water and install a filter/French drain to collect the water and direct it into our drainage system. I’m sure you are aware that Maidstone Road is on our primary gritting route so in the event of freezing temperatures, the area will be gritted and should not freeze."

While Maidstone Road is closed, the formal diversion runs from the crossroads at The Poet, via Brenchley, Horsmonden, Lamberhurst Road and back via the A21 but local residents will be aware of shorter diversions on minor roads.