Weekend Amenity Vehicle

There will be changes to the Sunday civic amenity vehicle service from the end of July. In future there will only be two collections each month: one will be for garden waste and the other for general household waste. By separating these collections the Borough Council is hoping to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill and increase the recycling in the borough.

Under the new schedule the first garden waste collection in the parish will be on 7th August 2016, while household waste will be collected on 21st August. The times will be unchanged at 12 – 13.45 in Brenchley and 14.00 – 15.00 in Matfield.

The dates and times until January 2017 can be seen here. Further details are available on the Tunbridge Wells website . The schedule of kerbside collections remains unchanged and a collection can also be booked with the Bulky Waste Service to dispose of large household items.

The Borough Council will be funding 60% of the cost of this service and the town and parish councils will contribute the remainder of the cost. In the case of Brenchley Parish this will be an annual charge of £814.

In the early months, to ensure a smooth transition to the new collection pattern, a combination of enforcement and contractor staff will accompany the vehicles on their rounds to help publicise the changes and educate users about what the vehicle can and cannot accept from them.